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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Having for many years been a lead supplier of cryogenic pressure vessels crucial to encapsulating the liquid helium used in its long-term client Siemens’ MRI scanners, we know all about meeting the stringent quality and compliance requirements of the medical devices industry.

From performance safety and infection control, to the ability of appliances to operate at extremely low temperatures, the medical devices market is extremely challenging, so it’s essential to get the right expertise. From the skills of our highly trained coded welders and compliance with AD2000 – Merkblatt, which governs and sets the standard in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, to our use of the latest advanced welding techniques. Our expertise can help optimise the quality and performance of your devices.

We can fabricate a wide range of structures and components for the medical devices market, but our greatest strength lies in the manufacture of cryostats for MRI scanners, which need to withstand extremely low temperatures of -269.1C (4 degrees Kelvin). We currently manufacture 2,000 cryogenic pressure vessels a year for this market.